Famviewer is genealogy software for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. FamViewer allows you to view GEDCOM genealogy database files on your iPhone and iPad. GEDCOM files can be transferred to FamViewer with iTunes file sharing or uploaded to FamViewer with a web browser on a desktop computer or downloaded to FamViewer from any web site or web server via WiFi. FamViewer will import the GEDCOM file and display its contents. Once a GEDCOM file is downloaded and imported you can view individuals, families, individual events and attributes, notes, sources and multimedia files. Navigate the family tree with a touch. View an ancestor tree of up to eight generations for anyone in the database and navigate quickly to the family page for anyone in that tree. Add New Notes to any person in your database and email them to yourself for integration into your database on your desktop computer. You can carry your genealogy database with you wherever you bring your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.





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